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Parents » Pride Gatherings and R.O.A.R. Assemblies

Pride Gatherings and R.O.A.R. Assemblies

The Monroe Lions come together once a month for "Pride Gatherings." These are enthusiastic assemblies where all of the lions roar with pride, celebrate STAR students, recognize various achievements, and listen to announcements.
Everyone is invited to every Pride Gathering! This is a total school gathering, held on the Olive side playground at 8 am on the following Wednesdays (Holiday adjustments made - please check our calendar):
Pride Gathering dates are as follows: 


           Aug. 23

Sept. 27

Oct. 25

Nov. 15

Dec. 20

Jan. 24

Feb. 28

March 28

April 25

May 23

R.O.A.R. Assemblies follow the Pride Gathering unless otherwise stated.