Monroe Elementary School

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Weekly Phone Message

March 21, 2019

Good evening, Mighty Monroe Families. This is Dr. Jarvis, your principal.

Although the invention of technology has spurred ingenuity, led to global communication, and changed the way that people interact with the world, it has also created some challenges and risks for children who use these communication devices.  Over the past 3 years, I’ve seen an increase in the use of technology and exposure to inappropriate content during non-school hours. Many times, these online exchanges lead to disruptions of school activities, student conflict, and emotional distress.


If your child has a device--phone, tablet, laptop, video game console (PS4), X-Box, or any other communication device connected to the world-wide-web, I urge you to limit their screen time and to regularly monitor their content and the nature of their usage.


As a reminder, tomorrow, Friday, March 22 is a Pupil Free Day. The first day of Spring break will be Friday, March 29. On behalf of the Mighty Monroe Lions, we wish you and your loved ones a lovely evening.


Buenas tardes familias de Monroe, soy la directora Jarvis.

Aunque la technologia a echo la comunicacion mas rapida y conveniente, el uso de la technologia sin supervision de un adulto a causado problemas que impactan a los alumnos en las escuela.  Para prevenir disrupciones a la instruccion y problemas entre alumnos, el personal y maestros de la escuela Les piden a los padres que esten al tanto de el uso de technologia en sus casas. Esto incluye telephones celulares, tabletas, juegos de video como PS4 y X-Box.  Por favor limiten el tiempo que sus ninos usen la technologia y esten al tanto de el contenido.

Como un recuerdo, manan Viernes 22 de marzo no Habra escuela. El primer dia de las vacaciones de primavera sera el Viernes 29 de marzo. De parte de los leones poderos, les deceamos buenas tardes.


For our kids, 


Lily Jarvis, Ph.D.

Principal, Monroe Elementary School

Director of Bilingual Programs, MUSD