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Monroe Teachers and Staff are here to help all families support their child during distance learning. Please reach out to your child’s teacher via email or class Dojo.

Monroe Distance Learning: The New Normal. Go Mighty Lions!

Mighty Lion families donate a wood plaque in honor of their school.

Monroe Lions make a difference by helping Australia's animals through donations.

Monroe Lions proudly show their anti-bullying spirits!

Fun to cook! Yummy to eat! Monroe Lions have so much in their Cooking Class with Dr. Jarvis and Mr. Goss.

Renaissance Leaders run the entire assembly and honor hundreds of Mighty Lions on April 12, 2019.

Mighty Lion paints with resident artist Shanon Fitzpatrick. 

Glow Party!

Read Across Monrovia 2019: Monrovia Principal Flint Fertig reads to the Monroe Lions.

Teachers and staff dressed crazy on March 6, 2019, for fundraising 15K in Monroe Jog-a-Thon!

Monroe's Talent Show!

Monroe FIRST Lego League Robotics Pilot Program was launched on February 6, 2019.

Monroe's Annual Handball Tournament!

Heritage Project: DI student Amelia gave a cultural presentation about her ancestry in Spanish.

Congratulations!! Monroe Lions took 2nd and 3rd place at the districtwide 3rd Grade Math Bee!

The Monrovia Reads Bus will be at Monroe on Thursdays after school!  

The TK students enjoy making mud pie at the Monroe Garden.

These paintings feature the art of Mighty Lions.

Student performances at Monroe's annual Fiesta.

Kinder students releasing butterflies in our school's garden.


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Date: 4/6/2020
Date: 4/7/2020
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Monroe Robotics Program

Latest News

Monroe Distance Learning Hub

Dear Mighty Monroe Families,

During these unprecedented times, I assure you that the teachers and staff members at Monroe Elementary School continue to place your child's education at the center of all of their decisions --- and we will continue to do so today and always. We've created a Monroe Distance Learning Hub for convenient access to commonly used online learning resources for students and families. Please explore all the tabs and resources as they will keep our kids engaged in academics during home learning. I also encourage you to check it regularly as our team will continue to add and enhance learning resources, such as personalized videos and greeting by teachers, that we find helpful for home learning. This link is also accessible on the Monroe school website. Click below.

Packet and Chromebook Distribution - 3/19/20 - 10am - 12pm

For those families that missed our packet/Chromebook distribution on Monday and Tuesday, our campus will be open for packet and Chromebook distribution tomorrow between 10 AM and 12 PM. In order to prepare for enough packets and Chromebooks, please inform your child's teacher if you will stop by for a packet or a Chromebook. The distribution will be in the main hallway.

Class Dojo continues to be an effective platform for parents and teachers to communicate, and many classrooms are using Google Classroom for daily learning. I encourage all families to participate in Google Classroom as this is a safe platform for teaching and learning online. Reach out to your child's teacher for directions on how to participate in Google Classroom. There are many wonderful stories of how our community is rallying together, and I am grateful for all of your encouraging and inspiring communications---these keep us going!

For our kids,
Lily Jarvis, Ph.D.
Principal, Monroe Elementary School
Director of Bilingual Programs, MUSD
...Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader...

"Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible."

Announcement Regarding Monroe Distance Learning (Friday, March 13, 2020)

Dear Mighty Monroe Families,

The emerging COVID-19 situation has presented some unprecedented challenges for schools. Monroe continues to make decisions in the best interest of our students, families, and valued teachers and staff. Distance learning will be provided to students in order for them to continue their learning while we are in a school closure. Below you will find the learning resources for your student to participate in their learning at home. Teachers will participate in a Distance Learning professional development next Monday at which time we will share any future updates, changes and modifications.

What will distance learning at Monroe look like?
Our Mighty Families will be able to select the appropriate way their student will participate in distance learning, online or traditional paper/pencil packets. All students will have access to the same type of learning activities, regardless of the option they select. Teachers have created age-appropriate, standards-aligned activities for students to complete during distance learning.

Online Distance Learning Digital Resources: Students will have access to online learning based resources on the content that their teacher has made available to them. Online learning agendas, PDFs, and daily can be accessed online on our school website: under Latests News and Links. Student logins and passwords have been provided to students in order for them to access their online activities at home (i.e.Reflex Math, RazKids, Prodigy). Activities could include, but are not limited to: online reading, writing assignments and question prompts, comprehension activities, and online math activities.

Distance Learning Packets (Paper): Parents will be able to print out at home or pick up a distance learning packet for their child at school. Hard copies of the paper packets will also be available for pick-up at the designated table in front of the main office on Colorado Blvd on Monday, March 16 between 1pm-4pm. They will be in crates by grade level and program. Packets may include printed reading passages, writing assignments, and math fact and lesson practice. Packets can also be accessed on our school website:

Click here for a direct link:

What will my student do each day?
Teachers have created grade-level specific daily agendas for students to follow in order to help students have a clear understanding of what activities should be completed each day. These agendas are available in student packets and are also posted online on our school website. Please know that we understand that each family has a different situation regarding child care in a school closure. However, below we have created a suggested routine for distance learning. In an effort to maintain routines and provide consistency to students, families may choose to set up designated “learning times” for their students. Families will ultimately adapt this schedule to best meet their unique situation.

A typical distance learning schedule at home could look like:
9:00 am - 10:00 am - Reading
10:00 am - 10:15 am - Brain Break
10:15 am - 11:15 am - Writing
11:15 am - 12:00 pm - Break/Lunch
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Math

Technical Support:
The Monroe Team will continue to develop this plan, and it will be communicated as soon as possible.

Finally, I am confident that we will do this smoothly, in mutual support, and with our Mighty Lions at the heart of all of these decisions. This is new and different and will take some flexibility on the part of teachers, students and families. Thank you again.


13 de Marzo 2020

Estimada comunidad de Monroe,
La situación presente de COVID-19 presenta dificultades nuevas para las escuelas. Monroe continúa a hacer decisiones basadas en el mejor interés de los estudiantes, familias, empleados y comunidad. Un plan de aprendizaje a distancia será implementado para que los estudiantes continúen a aprender mientras la escuela este cerrada. En esta carta encontrará recursos disponible a los estudiantes que participan en aprendizaje a distancia. El lunes los maestros participaran en un entrenamiento de 'aprendizaje a distancia' y les comunicaremos cualquier modificaciones a este plan.

Cómo será el aprendizaje a distancia en Monroe?
Cada familia tendrá opciones sobre cómo participar - ya sea usando tecnología o paquetes de trabajo de papel. Todos lo estudiantes tendrán acceso a las mismas estándares de aprendizaje sin importar cual modo escogen. Los maestros han creado actividades que son apropiadas para los niveles/grado de los estudiantes que son basadas en los estándares de aprender.

Aprendizaje a distancia recursos digitales: Los estudiantes tendrán acceso a recursos digitales al aprendizaje en línea que los maestros han hecho disponible. Las agendas y lecciones de aprendizaje digital estan disponible en la página web de Monroe: de bajo de Latest News y Links. Los nombres de usuario y las contraseñas se han repartido a los estudiantes para que puedan acceder a sus actividades en línea en casa. Las actividades pueden incluir, entre otras: lectura en línea, tareas de escritura y preguntas, actividades de comprensión y actividades de matemáticas en línea.

Aprendizaje a distancia - Papel Habrá un paquete de aprendizaje de papel. Los padres podrán imprimir este paquete en casa o podrán recoger un paquete en la escuela. Empezando, el lunes 16 de Marzo, de 1pm a 4pm, los paquetes estarán disponibles para recoger en la mesa designada frente a la oficina principal. Los paquetes incluyen pasajes de lectura impresos, tareas de escritura y lecciones/practica de matematicas. Los paquetes también están disponibles en la página web de Monroe:

Oprima aqui para abrir la pagina:

¿Qué hará mi estudiante cada día?
Los maestros han creado agendas diarias específicas de cada grado para que los estudiantes las sigan. Esto es para dar claridad a lo que los estudiantes van a hacer al diario. Estas agendas están disponibles en los paquetes de estudiantes y también se publicarán en la página web de Monroe. Tenga en cuenta que entendemos que cada familia tiene una situación diferente con respecto al cuidado de niños en el cierre de una escuela. Sin embargo, hemos creado una rutina sugerida para el aprendizaje a distancia. En un esfuerzo por mantener las rutinas y proporcionar consistencia a los estudiantes, las familias pueden optar por establecer "tiempos de aprendizaje" designados para sus estudiantes. Las familias finalmente adaptarán este horario para cumplir mejor con su situación única.

Una agenda típica de aprendizaje a distancia se puede mirar así:
9:00 am - 10:00 am - Lectura
10:00 am - 10:15 am - Descanso
10:15 am - 11:15 am - Escritura
11:15 am - 12:00 pm - Almuerzo
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Matemáticas

Apoyo Técnico:
El equipo de Monroe está desarrollando un plan para apoyo técnico y será comunicado lo mas pronto possible.

Finalmente, estamos seguros que podemos implementar este plan con éxito. Esta situación es nueva y diferente y tomará flexibilidad de parte de los estudiantes, maestros y familias. Les damos mil gracias por su apoyo y comprensión.

A Message from Monrovia Unified School District

Monrovia Unified School District continually strives to use communication and instruction methods that best serve students and families. Technology and online tools play an increasingly important role in these functions. This survey will help us assess how readily available technology and Internet access is for our students.

El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Monrovia se esfuerza continuamente para usar la comunicación y métodos de instrucción que mejor sirvan a nuestros estudiantes. La tecnología y herramientas en línea juegan un rol cada vez mayor en estas funciones. Esta encuesta nos ayudará a evaluar con qué facilidad la tecnología y el acceso del internet está disponible para nuestros estudiantes.

If you have a student that attends Monroe, please click on "Read full story" or the headline, or copy the URL to fill out this survey:
Si usted tiene un estudiante que asiste a Monroe, por favor haga clic en "Read full story" o el encabezado, o copie el URL para completar esta encuesta:

A Message from Your Principal (Thursday, March 12, 2020)

March 12, 2020

Dear Mighty Monroe Families,

One of my greatest blessings is working with our amazing Monroe team, inquisitive students, and supportive families. Our priority is to continue to optimize student safety and learning. In response to COVID-19, we have made some changes on campus including an expansion of our cleaning protocol. We continue to ensure that students and employees adhere to the basic practices recommended by the CDC for preventing respiratory illness, including verbal salutations.

In light of the District’s updated policies to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in our community, all large scale events will be postponed or canceled. This includes Pride Gatherings, student assemblies, Dia del Cerebro, Open House, Saturday Clean-Up, Movie Night, Saturday School, MEO’s, school tours, field trips and what else makes sense to postpone/cancel due to potential risk.

We ask that students with any signs of respiratory illness or flu-like symptoms be kept home until fever-free for 24 hours. Per our existing protocol, if students come to school with a fever or with flu-like symptoms, we will send them home.

Although Monroe thrives on parent volunteers and community engagement, at this time, all volunteering will be on hold (only pre-scheduled conferences will take place on 3/13/20). We also highly encourage parents and caretakers to drop off their children at the gates and remain off campus for the time being. Our goal is to protect all children. Please do not take this personal, but see this as a school-wide measure to keep our students and families safe.

Our school counselor and counseling intern, Lisa Robinson and Vanessa Acosta, and our interventionist, Shirley Conde, are available resources to help students (and you) navigate this conversation.

We hope to make our way to Spring Break without any interruption. If there are significant school-wide updates impacting all of us, such as closing the school, you will be informed of a detailed plan for you and your children.

Finally, the Mighty Monroe Teachers and Staff have been discussing our primary mission --- education, and we are all working together to ensure that our Mighty Lions continue to be healthy, happy and safe. Monroe teachers and staff will continue to do our very best, as we are receiving constant communication and direction from the Monrovia Unified School District central office.

This is a time to practice mindfulness and rally in mutual support. Thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and support as we navigate through the complexities of the unknown at this time.

Aviso de la directora:

Marzo 12, 2020

Estimadas familias de Monroe:

Una de mis grandes bendiciones es trabajar con nuestro increíble equipo, estudiantes inquisitivos y una comunidad que apoya a sus estudiantes. Nuestra prioridad es continuar a optimizar la seguridad y el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Considerando los eventos de COVID-19, hemos realizado algunos cambios en la escuela, incluyendo una expansión de nuestro protocolo de limpieza. Continuamos a garantizar que los estudiantes y los empleados se adhieran a las prácticas básicas recomendadas por el CDC para prevenir enfermedades respiratorias, incluyendo los saludos verbales.

A luz de las recomendaciones del Distrito para reducir el riesgo de transmisión de COVID-19 en nuestra comunidad, todos los eventos grandes serán pospuestos o cancelados. Esto incluye Reuniones del Orgullo, asambleas de estudiantes, Día del Cerebro, Casa Abierta, noche de películas, escuela de los sábados, MEO, visitas escolares, paseos, excursiones y cualquier otro evento que tenga sentido de posponer / cancelar debido a un riesgo.

Pedimos que los estudiantes con cualquier signo de enfermedad respiratoria o síntomas similares a la gripe se mantengan en casa hasta que no tengan fiebre por más de 24 horas. Según nuestro protocolo actual, si los estudiantes vienen a la escuela con fiebre o con síntomas similares a los de la gripe, los enviaremos a casa.

Aunque Monroe tiene padres voluntarios y la participación de la comunidad, en este momento, todo voluntariado será pedido de no venir a la escuela (solo las conferencias previamente confirmadas ocurriran el viernes 13 de marzo). También les suplicamos a los padres y adultos que dejen a sus hijos en las puertas y que permanezcan fuera de la escuela por el momento. Nuestro objetivo es proteger a todos los niños. No tome esto como algo personal, pero vea esto como una medida de toda la escuela para mantener seguros a nuestros estudiantes y familias.

Nuestra consejera escolar, Lisa Robinson, y la intervencionista, Shirley Conde, son recursos disponibles para ayudar a los estudiantes (y a usted) a navegar esta conversación.

Esperamos llegar a las vacaciones de primavera sin ninguna interrupción. En caso que salgan recomendaciones nuevas, como cerrar la escuela, se les informará un plan detallado para usted y sus hijos.

Finalmente, los maestros y el personal de Monroe han colaborado sobre nuestra misión principal: la educación. Todos estamos trabajando juntos para asegurar que nuestros leones continúen saludables, felices y seguros. Los maestros y el personal de Monroe continuarán haciendo lo mejor que podamos, ya que estamos recibiendo comunicación y dirección constante de la oficina central del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Monrovia.

Gracias por su flexibilidad, comprensión y apoyo mientras navegamos juntos por estos momentos desafiantes.

For our kids,
Lily Jarvis, Ph.D.
Principal, Monroe Elementary School
Director of Bilingual Programs, MUSD
...Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader...

"Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible."

Health, Safety and "Hakuna Matata"

MUSD is working closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. All schools are enforcing a clear hygiene policy. At Monroe, this includes, but is not limited to --- hand washing at arrival, before & after recess & lunch, and after returning from the bathroom. All students have learned how to appropriately wash their hands, and in the upper grades, students have learned how germs spread. Although we take pride in being are a warm and nurturing school, beginning on Monday, we will strictly enforce our "hands-off" policy, and we will engage in the verbal salutation of "Hakuna Matata" instead. If your child is exhibiting symptoms of a virus, they should remain at home until cleared to return to school. Students who show symptoms at school will be sent home. Thank you for helping preserve the happiness and health of our Mighty Lions.

El distrito de Monrovia está trabajando en colaboración con el Departamento de Salud Público del Condado de Los Ángeles. Todas las escuelas están aplicando una póliza de higiene. En Monroe, esto incluye lavarse las manos a la llegada a la escuela, antes y después del recreo y el almuerzo, y después de regresar del baño. Los estudiantes han aprendido cómo lavarse sus manos, y en los grados superiores han aprendido cómo se propagan los gérmenes. Aunque somos una escuela cálida, a partir del lunes, aplicaremos estrictamente nuestra póliza de "no tocar o abrasarse" y participaremos en el saludo verbal de ... "Hakuna Matata." Finalmente, si su estudiante presenta síntomas de un virus, deben permanecer en casa hasta que se les autorice el regreso a la escuela. Los estudiantes que muestren síntomas en la escuela serán enviados a casa. Gracias por ayudar a mantenerse a nuestros Leoncitos felices y saludables.

Impact of Absences on Learning

We understand that from time to time, emergencies and illnesses occur. For these reasons, students must be absent. Perhaps there are other types of absences that could be avoided entirely. In December, the CA Dept of Education released our schools report card, and when our students did exceeding well in both language arts and mathematics. Monroe received the second to the lowest score on attendance, a score that is much lower than the state average. Absences impact learning and funding. Unless it's for an emergency or for illness, we ask that you bring your child to school each day.

Entendemos que de vez en cuando ocurren emergencias y enfermedades, y por estas razones los estudiantes deben estar ausentes, tal vez hay otros tipos de ausencias que podrían evitarse por completo. En diciembre, el Departamento de Educación de California publicó el boletín de calificaciones de nuestras escuelas, y nuestros estudiantes sobresalieron en los resultados académicos en artes del lenguaje y en matemáticas, Desafortunadamente, Monroe recibió el segundo puntaje más bajo en asistencia a la escuela, y este promedio es sumamente mucho más bajo que el promedio estatal. Las ausencias impactan el aprendizaje y el presupuesto de la escuela. A menos que sea por una emergencia o por enfermedad, le pedimos que traiga a su hijo a la escuela todos los días.

Use of Technology Off Campus

Dear Mighty Monroe Families,

Although the invention of technology has spurred ingenuity, led to global communication, and changed the way that people interact with the world, it has also created some challenges and risks for children who use these communication devices. Over the past 3 years, I’ve seen an increase in the use of technology and exposure to inappropriate content during non-school hours. Many times, these online exchanges lead to disruptions of school activities, student conflict, and emotional distress.

If your child has a device--phone, tablet, laptop, video game console (PS4), X-Box, or any other communication device connected to the world-wide-web, I urge you to limit their screen time and to regularly monitor their content and the nature of their usage. Below is a helpful resource for parents.

Dr. Jarvis, Principal

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